Press Kit

Press Kit

Artist Information

Label: self released
Genre: Progressive / Soundtrack / Surreal / Narrative
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
For fans of theatrical artists such as Puscifer, Pink Floyd, Devin Townsend Project, The Dear Hunter, and more.


Spiral Cell is an immersive, theatrical, multi-level experience of music, storytelling, visuals, and art. Musically, Spiral Cell combines elements of movie/video game scores, layered vocals, dynamic guitar playing, and multi-instrument looping. Add in a storyline with visuals/dialogue, and a synchronized light show and you can begin to grasp the live Spiral Cell experience. 


Recent Press

“I won’t go into too much detail, but my first impressions of the video were that it was either: A) a post apocalyptic world with someone visiting from another planet perhaps to gain knowledge of Earth’s demise, or B) someone surfacing from a sci-fi bunker after some cataclysmic world event. Either way, it’s mysterious, thrilling, and seems to fit well with the actual music…”



“…A fully integrated and multi-level experience combining music, art, storytelling, and gaming. What’s more is his drive to put on a great live show with all of this- including synchronized lighting, backing tracks, and full stage decor.”