Debut Album

The Maze In The Tree Rings


Written/Produced by:

Scott Uhl

Copyright © 2016

Mixed by:
Greg Norris at Red Raven Audio
Mixing Assistant:
Chris Bedan
Acoustic Guitars recorded by:
Anthony J. Catalano at Platte River Studios
Mastered by:
JP Manza at Colorado Sound Studios
Mackenzie Beyer – the guide
Tiffany Chohfi – Taste
Jonathan Lee – Free Flow
Mary Pinkerton – Free Flow
Charlie Schubert – Free Flow
Gregg Stone – Cellophane Blindfold
Danielle Uhl – Free Flow
Justin Vaughan – Ellipsis
Roniit – vocals (Prologue)
Dan Battenhouse – upright bass (Prologue, Cellophane Blindfold, Asymptote, Untitled)
Josh Lee – violin (Divergence, Free Flow, Ocean)
Michelle Huerd – vocals (Cellophane Blindfold)
Trevor Huster – tenor saxophone (Cellophane Blindfold)
Danielle Uhl – vocals (Free Flow)
Don’t let the maze in the tree rings keep you guessing…